World Cosplay Summit 2017 -karsintakisaajien esittelyt


Taija & Veera

Taija and Veera as Blue Badger and Pink Badger from the Ace Attorney -series
Photo by Santtu Pajukanta

Hello everybody!

We are Taija and Veera. This is our third time taking part in WCS-preliminaries. This competition is a great chance to show your talent and test out even the silliest ideas. We love performing and the feeling we get on stage. This year we challenged ourselves with new crafting techniques and different style of choreography.
We are looking forward seeing all the great costumes and awesome skits.

See you at the convention!


Soffi & Harri

Harri & Soffi as Isaac Dian & Miria Harvent from Baccano!

Photo by Niina Riekki

Hello! Soffi and Harri’s cats, Rasmus and Ronja, here reporting in. We will have you know that our owners have been working really hard on their costumes (but not too hard so as to forget about us!). We do not like it too much when they have to take out the vacuum so often, and worbla sheets make a scary wobbly noise! We like to help them by sitting on their fabrics and decorating them with hair whenever we can.

We think the best things about cosplay are the little hanging threads that we enjoy to chew. Oh, and we have heard that for our owners the best thing about cosplay is meeting their human friends. Soffi and Harri have been cosplaying since 2008 and 2011, respectively. That’s a lot in cat years!

Nio & Doski

Nio & Doski cosplaying from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Photo by Nio & Doski

Hello! We are Nio and Doski, two 23-years-old cosplayers who are very passionate about making funny outfits and performances. We've been cosplaying for about 8 years, we co-operate with every costume we make. We'd be thrilled to represent Finland in the WCS and put on an amazing show for an even bigger audience. We are cheerful, silly and love to meet new people who share our passion for this hobby!

If you want to know more, this is where to go: and 

See you at Tracon! (: 


Anae Cosplay & Saaraz Cosplay

Anae Cosplay and Saaraz Cosplay as Kili and Fili from The Hobbit
Photo by Mialiina cosplay photography (

Hi, we're Anae Cosplay ( and Saaraz Cosplay (!

A little about us; Both of us have started making cosplay costumes in 2008-2009, although the hobby itself started a few years earlier. In cosplay, we love to make and see variety of different characters. Both of us also like performing, and whereas Saaraz has taken part in quite a few cosplay competitions, Anae has been to a few competitions and even performed with cosplay and figure skates on.
First time we cosplayed together was in 2013, and in Finnish Cosplay Championships we had the chance to perform together on stage. Inspired and interested to take up new challenges, we decided to take part in WCS preliminaries. The idea for that has been brewing for quite some time and it'll be fun to finally realize it!

See you at the competition!

Savustettu lumipallo & RillaRoro

Photo by Sami Räbinä AKA Rabbana (

I am Maria ”savustettu lumipallo” Alve, and I have cosplayed for 6 years. In these years I have gotten the chance to participate in many sorts of cosplay-performances and competitions which are my favourite parts of cosplay. But I also love the whole process of making costumes, from excessive planning to adding the last small details to a finished costume.

Hi. I’m Ronja and I also go by Roro (RillaRoro in most social media). I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years now and I’ve always been a perfectionist when it comes to my costumes. I love performing and like Maria I’ve participated in many cosplay performances. I’ve been dancing since I was 7 and I’m excited to take advantage of that when planning my performances. Our performance at the preliminaries will most definitely contain dancing.


Mira & Aki

Mira and Aki as Female Dekan and Male Dekan from R.O.H.A.N. Blood Feud
Photo by Alexandriel Photography (

"Hi, we're Mira and Aki. Both of us have been cosplaying over ten years, and five years of that cycle tightly together. We share a passion to high quality fabrics, skilled details and constant hunger of learning new things. We love to challenge ourselves and lately we've been planning many crazy skit ideas! Outside of cosplay Aki is a sewing guru working with wedding gowns and Mira is a Payroll Administrator - it's not hard to guess who's in charge with organizing things and keeping track on timetables and who's the artistic soul in our duo.

This is our third time competing together in WCS preliminaries, and we're really excited of coming back to the big main stage of Tracon!
We've got shared cosplay page in Facebook

Both of us have also cosplay blogs in Finnish, 


MissAlic3 & Suiggari

MissAlic3 as Medea - Fate / Grand Order
Suiggari as Tamamo Cat - Fate / Grand Order
Photo by Matias Tukiainen

We're cheerful twins, Suiggari and MissAlic3 (also known as Fate/Cosplay), hailing from Tampere and Turku! Like many twins, we have our unique strengths in cosplay that compliment each other: Suiggari is a seamstress who loves patterning and details and MissAlic3 is more of an props and wigs kinda gal. We've done cosplay for 8 years and there's no end in sight as there's always more fun things to learn!

You may have seen our work in Valitsen Sinut! The Pokémon Musical and whenever there's talk about Fate/-series, you can usually spot us having an intense conversation over the many characters of the franchise. Hope to see you at Tracon, we'll hope to move the crowd with our performance!

Emilia & Riikka

Riikka and Emilia as Seifer Almasy and Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy 8
Photo by Hanna Hietala

Hi again! We are Emilia and Riikka. The both of us originally come from Oulu but we didn’t know each other when we started cosplaying back in 2006. We later came to know each other and made our first cosplays together in 2012. We hit it off pretty much right away and that is what led us here. 

We like to cosplay from series that have deeper meanings and different levels. Especially when we are making skits or performances because it allows us to brainstorm together like maniacs. Most of the time we aim to stay true to the source material while adding our own touches, symbolism and tweaks into the mix.

For the costumes we want to put in as much effort as for the performances. In our opinion the costumes and performance should complete each other. For the third time we are entering the Finnish WCS preliminaries. We have done the romantic couple thing and the evil duo and yet again we strive to do something different this time. Variety is the spice of cosplay.

So bye!

Emilia & Riikka

Emilia’s deviantArt:

Riikka’s blog (in Finnish):

Mira & Pauliina

Elzy and Aselea as Sorey and Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria
Photo by Alexandriel Photography (

Hello! We are Mira "Elzy" Hovi and Pauliina "Aselea" Nihtilä, a duo of cosplayers since 2008 and 2006 respectively. After placing third in the past two rounds of the WCS preliminaries, we're looking forward to performing on the stage again! Our long-standing dream of participating in the WCS has brought us back to compete and see whether the famous third time really is the charm.

Cosplay has a regular presence in our everyday lives. Its broad variety of opportunities for learning and using various techniques and skills brings us much joy. We love challenging ourselves and seeing a costume-to-be transform from a pile of materials into a character. We are thus working hard towards the preliminaries and the possibility of tackling our greatest challenge yet!

You can find us at Elzy Cosplay ( and Aselea Cosplay (

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